At Dar Al Dawa, we have the drive to high performance and the experience to deliver. Our strategy is to focus on core competencies and then execute, with customer centric high-performance, at every stage from medicine development to commercialization.  This has successfully made us the second largest player in Jordan and a partner of choice to many collaboration (alliances) and healthcare partners within MENA.

Our comprehensive development and production network and MENA-wide commercial presence are complemented by a wide range of standard and differentiated products covering all stages of the development and production processes, from basic molecules to finished medicines. This combination of specialist expertise and extensive geographic presence, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to quality and high performance, gives us a competitive advantage that clearly sets us apart from the competition.

We are focused on four core therapy areas – anti-infectives, respiratory, musculoskeletal and increasingly on CNS and CVS– where we can apply our expertise and resources more effectively by taking advantage of the knowledge of our integrated teams.  Our goal is to develop and commercialize our compounds and those of our collaboration partners in selected markets where a company of our size can compete successfully for targeted disease states.  For pipeline compounds and for compounds outside our core expertise, we have established or are seeking collaborations or strategic partnerships to support development and commercialization.  We believe the key benefits of strategic relationships include the potential to expedite development and commercialization for  companies seeking to enter emerging markets with their product rights and royalties.