Research & Development

Sustaining Dar Al Dawa’s growth over the long term is a function of our commitment to Research and Development and the results that this investment delivers.  Our Pharmaceutical Development Unit focuses on developing new forms to render high-quality affordable medicines accessible to patients.

We have in depth knowledge and hands on experience in the formulation and process development of various dosage forms including tablets (IR and MR), capsules, liquids, dry suspensions, suppositories, creams, ointments, gels, parenterals, ophthalmic and nasal preparations. Our labs are equipped with modern instruments and equipment that enable us to develop and optimize various formulation designs and concepts.

The Analytical Research unit has the knowledge and expertise in analytical method development, validation, physiochemical characterization and stability studies.

Since we began our research and development activities, we have filed Investigational New Drug applications and progressed multiple proprietary compounds into clinical and commercial development. In March 2013, we were ranked the first company by Jordan Drugstore Association in terms of new drug applications and hence we have a rich pipeline that will drive our growth.

In an industry that is technology driven, Dar Al Dawa's  Research &Development  is working on new technologies and processes that complement existing product lines and achieve product life cycle management.