دار الدواء

Our core business lies in the development, production and distribution of high-quality, affordable generic medicines and wellness products. We offer more than 100 products in more than 200 dosage forms across more than 20 therapeutic areas worldwide and are a leading provider of differentiated, value-added products.

Quality Generics

While generics may differ with respect to their shape, size or colour, they contain the same active substances as the originator product and are therapeutically equivalent to and thus substitutable for the reference brand product. Given this same active ingredient, full clinical trials are not required in generic development; rather, it is the drug’s bioequivalence that needs to be established, demonstrating thatu equivalent dosing essentially has the same effects within the human body as the reference product.

Generic medicines also offer the same quality and safety profiles as reference products. Throughout their development and production processes, generics are required adhere to the same rigorous standards of quality, safety and efficacy as originator products, standards that are closely monitored and enforced by the relevant regulatory authorities both prior to and post product approval. Production plants are thus regularly inspected to ensure that they are and remain cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant, while marketed products are regularly monitored to ensure continuous quality standards.


Our highly-skilled Anti-Infectives Commercial group is led by a team of experienced managers, who always strive to ensure your needs are fully met and who will work with you to build a mutually rewarding, long-term relationship.
Our customers and partners choose to work with us because:
we guarantee security and continuity of supply;
we enable timely product launches;
we continuously strive for improvement; and
we are best-in-class with respect to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HSE (Health Safety, Environment) and IP (Intellectual Property) protection.

Consumer Healthcare Products

Dar Al Dawa offers a range of Consumer Healthcare products across the major therapeutic areas. Its consumer healthcare business complements its diverse portfolio of generic medicines and provides greater quality affordable choice for patients who want to take care for their own wellbeing.

We specialise in topical and systemic OTC (over-the-counter) pain relief medicines targeting musculoskeletal pain and the nervous system. Digestive diseases and inflammation are other key target areas within Dar Al Dawa’s consumer healthcare product portfolio.

With a dedicated and integrated team, Dar Al Dawa has the expertise and knowledge to produce high quality and reputable products for the wider healthcare arena.