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Akram Abdul Latif Jerab

Chairman of the Board Directors 

Akram Jerab is the Chairman of Dar Aldawa’s Board of Directors, with a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of pharmacy and business administration. With a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Baghdad University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Durham University, UK, Akram has held numerous leadership positions across a range of companies and businesses in Jordan, Palestine, Sudan, and Syria. His impressive resume includes roles at the Bank of Jerusalem, Arab Company for Science and Culture, Yamama Agri Products Ltd., Al Karmel Group, Al Jazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank, and Jerusalem Real Estate Company. In addition, he is also the founder and Chairman of Cometa Scientific and Cumberland Nottingham Health Care Ltd. in the UK.

Osama Mohamed Murtada Yaish

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Osama Yaish is the Vice Chairman of Dar Aldawa’s Board of Directors. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, alongside high diplomas in the fields of Senior Management and High-Performance Leadership. Throughout his career, Osama has held several leading positions at global pharmaceutical companies across the Middle East and Africa regions, including Petra Drug Store, and Jordan Investment House, serving as Vice Chairman, General Manager, and Board Member.

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Mohannad Akram Abdullatif Jerab

Board Member

Mohannad Jerab is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa, representing Al Quds Bank with his remarkable qualifications and expertise. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the prestigious Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, Mohannad has established a reputation as a leading industry expert. He currently holds the position of General Director of Karmel Group and Executive Director at Cometa Scientific’s regional office, while also being a key contributor to Al Quds Bank in Palestine and Al Jazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank in Sudan. Furthermore, he serves as a Director and Executive at The Arab Hotels Company and a board member at Al Quds Real Estate Company, in addition to being a member of The Board of Directors of The Arab Company Science and Culture (University of Qasyoun) – Syria.

Ramzi Rauf Jiries Salfity

Board Memeber

Ramzi Salfity is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa. With a Master’s degree in Engineering, Ramzi brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise to his leadership role. He is the General Manager of Al Mutabaah Housing Co. Under his guidance, Al Mutabaah Housing Co. is poised for growth and success in the competitive housing industry.

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Lina Nizar Abdel Rahim Jardaneh

Board Member

Lina Jardaneh is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Lina has extensive knowledge and experience accumulated throughout her career holding the positions of Chairman and General Manager of the Jordan Drugstore, a member of the Drugstore Owners Association, a Board Member at the Arab Pharmaceutical Consulting Company, and Al Mufid Trading Co.

Taghreed Al-Shunnar

Board Member

Taghreed Al Shunnar is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa. She holds a BSC. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and two executive master’s degrees from INSEAD Business School; “Executive MBA” in 2007 and “Consulting and Coaching for Change” in 2012.
Taghreed is professional expert in the pharmaceutical industry in the MENA region. Throughout her 30-year career, she held several key positions, including VP of Business Development at Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Founder and CEO at Professional Effective Solutions, Strategic Healthcare Advisor at First Energy Bank, and others.
Taghreed is also a board member at other reputable pharma companies across the region, where she plays an active role in the growth and success of these companies.


Sameh Qasem Al-Nasir

Board Memeber

Sameh Al-Nasir is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa, representing The Social Security Corporation. Sameh brings a wealth of expertise and experience, making him an invaluable asset to our team. He holds a prestigious Master’s Degree in Economics from The American University in Washington DC. This degree underscores his deep understanding of the complexities of the global economy.

Issam Mansour Sangalawi

Board Memeber

Issam Sangalawi is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa, representing the Social Security Corporation. He holds a BSC. degree in Accounting from Yarmouk University.

Issam’s expertise in social security stems from the critical positions he has held within the corporation. Throughout his 32-year career in social security, he has held numerous key positions within the Social Security Corporation, such as; Head of the Appellate Rights Settlement Committee, Director of Planning and Evaluation Department, Director of the central Amman branch among many others.

Currently, Issam holds the position of Director of the Internal Audit Department in the Social Security Corporation.


Mounther Nabieh Hasan Nabulsi

Board Memeber

Mounther Nabulsi is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and has a solid foundation in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Throughout his career, he has held various positions, including General Manager of Nabih Drugstore and Vice Chairman of Alpha Pharmaceutical, highlighting his versatility and adaptability in leadership roles.

Adnan Khalaf Al Sawaier

Board Member

Adnan Al Sawaeer is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa. Adnan Holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Italy. Prior to joining Dar Aldawa, he worked for the Trevi Foundation in Italy, and he was the founder and General Manager of the Jordanian-European for Granite, Marble, and Tiles Co. Moreover, Adnan has a distinguished political career, having served as a member of the Jordanian Parliament, The Parliamentary Democratic Assembly, and The Union for The Mediterranean.


Zaid Abdo Nassif

Board Member

Zaid Nassif is a Board Member at Dar Aldawa, representing Abu Jaber Brothers Co. Zaid Holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance. His exceptional leadership skills and experience have been honed through his prior positions as CEO at Sanad Capital, a subsidiary of Jordan Kuwait Bank Group, and as a distinguished board member at Jordan National Shipping Company, United Insurance Co., Jordan Projects for Tourism Development co, and Trust International Transport Co.