Executive Management

Khaled Harb


Was Born On 03/09/1966, Holds A Bachelor’s Degree In Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Science. He Has Over 25  Years of Experience In The Pharmaceutical Industry In Sales & Marketing, Business And Corporate Management, Was Appointed As A Chief Executive Officer At Dar Al-Dawa On 15/01/2022.

Shadi Saqfelhait


was born on 17/07/1977, holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Jordan in 1998. He holds a master degree in accounting from Arab Academy for Management, Banking and Financial Sciences in Jordan in 2005. He has over 21 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Finance, Business and management, was appointed as a Chief Financial officer at Dar Al-Dawa on 26/06/2019.

Mohammed Alsous


Was Born On 01/12/1962, Holds A Bachelor’s Degree In Chemistry. He Holds A Master Degree In Executive MBA From The University Of Hull, In England In 2018. He Has Over 32 Years Of Experience In The Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality, Production and Corporate Management, Was Appointed As A Chief Operations Officer At Dar Al-Dawa On 01/12/2021.


Ismail Khalifeh


Holding a Ph.D. in Industrial & Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University in the US and a BSc in Pharmacy from Jordan University of Science and Technology. Dr. Ismail Ismail began his career at Dar Al Dawa in 1993 as a Formulator in the R&D department. He held various strategic roles related to product development and regulatory affairs. Dr.  Ismail has extensive experience in all stages of product development.

Osama Abu Al-Ezz

General Manager of Algeria Market

Dr. Osama Abu Al-Ezz, was born on 21/01/1972, holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Applied Science University- Jordan, he started his career as a responsible pharmacist in a private pharmacy then worked as a medical representative before joining the marketing department as a product Manager Covering MENA region, moving back to Sales department ending as Sales Director – MENA before Joining the DAD team. 

Ammar Omar Talap

Production Director

born in 1984, holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from Jordan University of Science & Technology in 2008. He has more than 11 years’ experience in pharmaceutical industries of various Arab companies in various positions related to production, quality assurance & Process improvement, most recently Production manager in Tabuk pharmaceutical company, He was appointed as production director at Dar Al Dawa on 16/06/2019.

Ziad Yousef

Information Technology Director

Holds a BSc in Information Technology from Al-Zaytoneh University, possesses the Project management professional certification (PMP) as well as other professional certificates as a functional consultant.  Mr. Ziad joined DAD as IT department manager in 2007. Prior to joining DAD he held several senior positions in IT software solution companies providing business and application consulting for Pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Ziad played a leading role in DAD is deploying the required software solutions and consolidating all operations and activities in one interface.

Fawwaz Khader

Engineering & Projects Director

Nabeeha Beraqdar

Demand & Sales Operations Director

holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Jordan University in 1997. She’s a certified professional in Supply chain (APICS), Certified professional forecaster (IBF).

She has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of supply chain management, Demand planning and forecasting in a large pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in various positions, most recently a Demand & Sales Operations Director at Dar Al-Dawa since 2010

Mudar Al Qasim

Legal Advisor

Mudar Al Qasim has earned vast experience in different aspects of the law. He has established experience in dispute resolution proceedings via litigation, arbitration and mediation. He is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association since 2002 and practised law in Jordan and UAE. Mudar Joined Dar Al Dawa in December of 2014, and is a holder of LLB from Mu’ta University.