Our Commitment

We are fully committed to support our organization to be an employer of choice and to assemble a community of talents to which all individuals contribute their creativity and enthusiasm. We truly believe that our success is based on the strong ethics of our people, which provide a framework of values, shared by all employees, and guide our growth. It is also based on a genuine sense of responsibility towards the community at large.

Our Ethics

We aim to make Dar Al Dawaa great place to work in believing that our employees are our greatest assets. They are entitled to a safe and healthy working environment: one in which personal talent and merit are recognized, diversity is valued, privacy is respected, and the balance between professional and personal life is taken into account. We believe in offering our employees a stimulating environment, exciting personal opportunities and a chance to make a difference. We encourage an atmosphere of openness, courage, generosity, Self-discipline and respect, so that all our employees feel free to come forward with their questions, ideas and concerns.

Our Internship Program

Undertaking an internship at Dar Al Dawais the first stage in learning a profession, it’s an opportunity to work as part of a team and to experience the culture of our company. It’s also an opportunity to show what you can do, as we are constantly on the look-out for talents we can employ in the future.

At Dar Al Dawa, we are actively committed to training young undergraduates, with a determination that everyone should have the same opportunities for success in their future professional life. Our internship Program is open to University students every year in our various divisions

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