A heritage-rich one started nearly 50 years ago with a vision to facilitate access to trusted medicines in terms of efficacy and safety.
Within a short time, Dar Aldawa took off the highway of success and established a preeminent presence as one of the region’s major players in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products
Today, Dar Aldawa is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company that is committed to quality manufacturing, with operations covering the major markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe
Dar Aldawa is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to serving patients and the medical community across the world.
Dar Aldawa aims to become the foremost pharmaceutical partner for key stakeholders keen on improving health outcomes, cost of care, and the well-being of patients and their caregivers.


“Human Life Quality Matters”
At Dar Aldawa, we believe this carries more weight than just words; it is our starting point, roadmap, and treasure we seek in our day-to-day operations
With this unshakable belief in the importance of life quality, we take pride to be the bridge that takes individuals from times of suffering to times of enjoying life by empowering their ability to access highly effective and safe pharmaceutical solutions.