Chairman Message

Akram Abdullatif Hasan Jerab

Dar Al Dawa is a rich-in-heritage, success story that started back over 45 years ago. Since day one, we kept our mission and message in sight and check, knowing that our work affects people’s life quality, and that was our drive to conduct our business on the basis of excellence, innovation, transparency, and above all, quality.

Years have passed by, and each year brought along a unique set of challenges and obstacles that we strived to conquer and turn into opportunities for improvement and expansion to reach the status we are in today. Running 7 production plants in Jordan and Algeria and fulfilling the needs of individuals in over 50 countries across some of the major markets around the world, Dar Al Dawa has earned its prominent status of being one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry in Jordan and the region.

Armed with the trust of the medical community and stakeholders, we are eager and looking forward to the challenges yet to come in the future. Challenges we are keen to conquer through the means of the efforts and fruit of the labor of our excellence and passion-driven professionals, who constitute the heart, soul, and driving force of Dar Aldawa, determined to deliver a positive impact on the healthcare and well-being standards to more people around the world.

رئيس مجلس الإدارة