Corporate Social Responsibility

Dar Al Dawa is committed to building a high growth business while at the same time ensuring a safe environment for employees and minimizing impact on the environment. We aim to understand and respond to the needs of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the communities in which we work and the wider public.

Dar Al Dawa is committed to being a socially responsible company.  Let’s look at some of our actions:

Community: 50% of our work force are from local community. We employ old retired generals and war- victims. 

We also support facilities, social schools, mosques. 

Dar Al Dawa participates in different health driven charity campaigns by providing free medication and donations.


Dar Al Dawa is always interested in protecting the surrounding environment.

For example, It currently operates a water treatment plant and an industrial incinerator to avoid polluting the environment. It also plant trees in the surrounding area.


Dar Al Dawa always contributes to the local community. It provide employments and training to local people. It also participates in open free medical days.


Core to our business philosophy is our partnership model which has delivered incremental value for our partners, who include leading pharmaceutical companies across the world, and for us.
As pharmaceutical companies reach out to enhance their strength and competitiveness, their key requirement is for a synergistic partner. A partner who is truly global in skill set, R&D, manufacturing practices and in attitude and vision. At Dar Al Dawa, we are all these and more – because we believe in “Leadership through Partnering”. We are partners to more than 10 of the world’s top pharmaceutical majors in Europe, USA and MENA.

Our ethos centres around customer focus and rapid response. Over the last decade, we have systematically strengthened our capability in understanding and aligning ourselves with our partners’ needs. Through product innovation, manufacturing, operational flexibilities and leveraging our high-performance organization and quality technologies, we have significantly enhanced our partner’s marketing leadership.


The Company Believes That Growth Has Been, And Will Continue To Be, Achieved Through The Group’s High Performance, Marketing-Led Approach And Its Ability To Offer A Wide Range Of Products. Therefore, The Future Growth Will Be Achieved Through The Pursuit Of:

In-Licensing And Acquisition Of Niche Specialty Brands And Generics.
Product Development (Line Extensions)
Licensing Or Distribution Agreements With Multinationals.
Extension Of Our International Territories.

We Are Always Interested In Hearing From Companies Who Can Offer Opportunities In These Areas. Please Contact Us.

Quality and Accreditations

We believe that superior quality is key to our long-term success. Our state-of-the-art technologies, decades of experience, and rigorous across-the-board quality standards all contribute to an offer we are justly proud of: quality at a price that everyone can afford.

Production is carried out in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and ISO and our facilities have been approved by all major health authorities worldwide, including Irish Medicines Board, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, Lakemedelsverket Medical Products Agency, Jordan Food and Drug Administration, Australian Government Department of Health and aging – Therapeutic Goods Administration