The Future

Dar Al Dawa will continue to grow through product development and strategic alliances. The next few years will see a stream of new Dar Al Dawa products coming onto the market.

Demand for quality pharmaceutical products has grown dramatically over the past few years and this will continue to accelerate in the future. In order to meet this demand, the Company is constantly developing new products and creating new distribution channels, in order to make its specialty medicines available.

The Company believes that growth has been, and will continue to be, achieved through the Group’s high performance, marketing-led approach and its ability to offer a wide range of products. Therefore, the future growth will be achieved through the pursuit of:

In-Licensing and Acquisition of niche Specialty Brands and Generics.
Product Development (line extensions)
Licensing or Distribution agreements with multinationals.
Extension of our International territories.

We are always interested in hearing from companies who can offer opportunities in these areas. Please contact us