Dar Al Dawa is a MENA-wide leader in pharmaceutical and consumer health products. With a history of more than 40 years, we are a trusted leader and competence center with a reputation for exceptional quality. As a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, we have a long established customer-centered approach to developing, producing, marketing and commercializing high-quality affordable medicines and wellness consumer products in emerging markets.


Our Chairman 

Dr. Akram Abdul Latif Jerab


Financial Results

General Assembly Invitation

Dar Al Dawa’s would like to invite to attend the annual general assembly, that will be held on Thursday 

Last News

Minister of Health Dr. Saad Jaber visited Dar Al-Dawa 

Natural products

Includes use of natural products intended for medicinal purposes or as a dietary supplement. Plants have been the basis of medicinal treatment during much of human history, and this traditional medicine is still widely practiced today.

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